People Helping People

Stewardship Concil

Forming Missionary Disciples

Stewardship as a way of life, is an expression of discipleship
with the power to change how we understand and live out our lives as disciples of Jesus Christ

All that we have and all that we are comes from God.

God, our loving Father, has a plan for Saint Rita Parish to be a family filled with joyful, caring, and welcoming people who have accepted their Baptismal call to be disciples of his Son, Jesus Christ.

TheĀ MISSION of Stewardship Council is to give life to God's plan for our parish family by seeking out pathways and practices that help us grow as His MISSIONARY DISCIPLES and to raise up a community of believers who go out, encounter people, and share the good news of Jesus Christ.

The VISION of Stewardship Council is to bring together people of differing life experiences and challenges into a loving relationship with Jesus and His Holy Catholic Church; and for us to be a parish community that understands and practices what it means to be a MISSIONARY DISCIPLE.

Who We Are

The Stewardship Council consists of members of Saint Rita Parish who have accepted God's call to serve one another by looking for ways to raise up, equip, and inspire a parish culture in which Catholic stewardship and missionary discipleship are understood, accepted, and practiced. All that we do starts with Jesus and prayer.

What We Do

Stewardship Council is a lay leadership group within the larger parish organization that works in a consultative and collaborative manner with the pastor; also with parish staff members, parish ministries, the Cleveland Diocesan Office of Missionary Discipleship, and other groups to help achieve what God intends for our parish.

Council meets on theĀ first Monday of the month from September through June at 7:00pm on the parish campus. Council members select from among the group an executive board consisting of a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and Secretary. Executive board members serve on a 3-year rotational basis. The Stewardship Council chairperson also sits on the Parish Pastoral Council. Council members serve at their will.

You are welcome to observe a council meeting to see if this is what God has in mind for you. Also, you are welcome to come and present an idea that will help our parish grow as Missionary Disciples and good stewards of God's gifts.

Contact Albie Leko to let us know of your intentions.

I dream of a "missionary option," that is, a missionary impulse
capable of transforming everything so that the Church's customs,
ways of doing things, times and schedules, languages and structures
can be suitable channeled for the evangelization of today's world
rather than for her self-preservation.
- Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium