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Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Council consists of Saint Rita parishioners appointed by the pastor to serve in a consultative capacity. Council members serve a 3-year term in which they advise and offer opinions to the pastor on matters pertaining to the pastoral needs of the parish and of the larger community in which Saint Rita Parish exists.

Serving as a member of council is a wonderful opportunity be an active member of the Saint Rita Parish family and to share your thoughts on the growth and development of the Parish.

If you are interested in parish council and would like more information, you may contact Fr. Behrend.

Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month from 7:00pm - 8:30pm in Saint Mark Conference Center.

Our Mission

To foster stewardship and discipleship as a way of life so that all parishioners are empowered and encouraged to utilize their time, talent, and treasure in service to others and to glorify God in all things.

Our Vision

Parish Council will collaborate to build a strong and vibrant Catholic parish family where the Word of God and the love of Christ is imbued in everything we do.

Our Goals

  1. Continuously work to meet the needs of the greater community.
  2. Nurture the spiritual health of our parish by increasing parishioner involvement in church liturgies, services, ministries, and events.
  3. Ensure that the sacraments, both in preparation and celebration, are a fulfilling experience for all who participate, helping them to strengthen their faith and increase their engagement in the Catholic Church.
  4. Work to improve collaboration and communication among the pastor, parish staff, councils, commissions, and ministries.
  5. Recruit new Parish Pastoral Council members to carry on this work for future generations.

The 2022-2023 Saint Rita Parish Council Members include:

Dan Winterich (Chair)
Andy & Joelle Presby (Co-Vice Chairs)
Concha Reid (Secretary)
John Heckman (At-Large)
Christina Elnahass (At-Large)
Carolyn Costantini (At-Large)
Matt Hutter (Finance Council)
Les Monroe (Stewardship Council)
Tom Voldrich (Worship Commission)
Mary Lou Poje (Faith Formation Commission)
Daphne Held (Charity & Social Justice Commission)

Parish contact: Fr. Behrend