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Prayer Quilt Ministry

Prayer Quilt Group

Founded in 2008, the ministry gave the first prayer quilt to a recipient in March 2009. Over the years the requests have grown and in 2021, the ministry gifted it's 1,000 quilt!

At the monthly ministry meeting, members pray for all quilt recipients and ministry benefactors. Long threads are sewn where the corners of the square meet on top of the quilt. A prayer is said and a knot is tied with each thread. Each knot represents a prayer said for the recipient. Completed quilts are blessed by one of the priests following the morning Mass. The quilts are then delivered to the recipients. 

During the 2012-2013 school year, each Saint Rita Day School and PSR student decorated a fabric square. The Prayer Quilt Ministry then assembled 12 different prayer quilts from all of the squares. Through the Saint Rita World Mission, these quilts are being given to orphanages, missions, schools and churches in El Salvador and Africa.

The Prayer Quilt Ministry has no boundaries or restrictions. Anyone who would find comfort from this tangible sign of prayer may receive a prayer quilt. The reason for the need is confidential.

Signed QuiltThe ministry depends on donations of fabric. Fabrics that are cotton/polyester or cotton, including denim and corduroy, are used. Please no holiday prints. If you have a sewing machine and can sew a straight seam, consider sharing your time and talent with this prayerful, vibrant and rewarding ministry!

To request a prayer quilt, please fill out the form listed below and drop off at the Parish Office.

Parish contact: Rita Lewis