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Saint Rita Parish is a stewardship church. This means we are actively involved and committed to the principles of being stewards of all of God's gifts. We are called by virtue of our Baptism to cooperate with God's grace in the world. Remember that 2000 years ago Saint Paul wrote, "since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us exercise them." Romans 12:6.

How do you use your gifts, time, and talent for the greater glory of God?

The Cleveland Diocese Spiritual Discernment Program calls us to continually discern as God reveals our role in His great plan. To find how you can best respond to God's call, the Called by the Spirit Gifts Inventory is a tool that will help you determine how to become aware of your gifts and become involved in a variety of ministries and activities at Saint Rita Parish.

Will you give your talent, your time, and your treasure trusting that God will truly bless you?

To determine how, when, or where you can become an active steward in the parish community, we invite you to:

1. Review the Called by the Spirit Gifts Inventory

2. Score the results of your assessment with the Inventory Response Form

3. Review your talents and time in the Gift Descriptions Form 

4. Review the Catalog of Saint Rita Parish Ministries and learn how you can become involved in stewardship and service to your parish community.

If you'd like to learn more about a particular ministry, please click the button below and someone will be in contact with you!

Parish contact: Albie Leko