People Helping People

Christmas in July


This ministry shares the Christmas spirit in July with the needy in the Cleveland area and our own parish community.  The goal of this month-long program is to provide several charitable organizations and a few local families with necessities at a time of year when regular donations are traditionally low. Items donated by parishioners are collected and distributed to charitable organizations.

You will begin to see Christmas trees in the Gathering Areas of the church. This year, we will be donating to Thea Bowman Center, Womankind, Our Lady of Fatima, Holy Spirit, Family Promise, Trials for Hope and our own St. Vincent de Paul Society.  We pray that you will have the “holiday spirit” again this year. 

Christmas trees in our Gathering Area are covered with gift tags. Each tag lists a gift for someone in need. We pray that you will help us fill this need by taking as many gift tags as you wish!

If you'd prefer to sign up for a gift online, please click the link below. Thank you for your donation!

Parish contact: Mrs. Daphne Held