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Pew Campaign

2023 Saint Rita Parish Pew Capital Campaign

Saint Rita began as a simple, Catholic mission in 1929, but a lot has changed over 100 years! As our parish family has grown, so too has our church building. Our place of worship has expanded twice to accommodate our ever-growing community: A new church building replaced the original in 1959 and in 1992, Saint Rita Parish expanded its square footage with wings on the sides to accommodate more Massgoers. At that time, nearly 30 years ago, the pews and carpet that you see today were installed.

This arrangement of our pews in the early 1990s replaced our traditional seating because the new structure set forth to foster a non-linear way of seeing and thinking within the liturgy - or, as Vatican II would say, establish "a full, conscious and active participation in the liturgy." And Saint Rita Parish has certainly been active and participating ever since!

Over the course of 30 years, our pews have seen nearly 25,000 liturgies and services and accommodated more than 5 million faithful people who have flocked through our doors to worship, memorialize, adore, and learn. Throughout 2020 and 2021, our pews were cleaned and sanitized after every gathering to prevent the spread of COVID, and over the course of those two years, thousands of applications weakened the varnish and integrity of the pews. As we move beyond the pandemic, we have an opportunity to refresh and revive our worship space, especially our beloved pews. 

Out with the OLD!
In with the NEW!

Our church pews are more than just a place to sit.
They're a haven of fervent prayer, penance, reunion, and spiritual revival.


In 2023, the Cleveland Diocese approved a $240,000 capital campaign to replace our church pews with new kneelers and install  new carpet throughout the church. These new pews are beautiful, comfortable, and structured to serve our parish family for many, many years to come! We're also planning to paint the interior of the church, refurbish the front doors, and install handicap accessible doors at the Saint Mark entrance.

We invite you to become part of this legacy project and help fund new pews in our worship space. Every single person who makes a pledge toward this capital campaign will be remembered and celebrated! Whatever you are able to give, no matter how big or how small, is genuinely appreciated.

In thanks and gratitude...

Parishioners that give at the Bronze Level, Silver Level, or Gold Level ($250 - $2,499) will have their name included on a plaque that will hang above a sample pew that will remain a permanent fixture in the Gathering Area.

Parishioners that give at the Rose Level ($2,500 and above) will be memoralized on a specialized name plate that will be installed directly on the sample pew which will remain a permanent fixture in the Gathering Area.

  Friend Level
Bronze Level

Silver Level
($500 - $999)

Gold Level
($1,000 - $2,499)
Rose Level
($2,500 and above)
Recognition in bulletin after the close of the campaign x x x x x
Permanent recognition on plaque in Gathering Area   x x x x
Permanent recognition on an individual nameplate that will be installed on a pew and will remain displayed in the Gathering Area         x

Click here to read a letter from Fr. Behrend or to make a donation