Sacrament of First Communion



Sacramental Preparation is a function of the parish as they are celebrated as a parish community.  The Sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist are celebrated in the 2nd grade year.  Preparation involves the participation of the parent and child at weekly Mass, the monthly preparation gatherings, study of the sacramental resources and the child's attendance in St. Rita day school or PSR.  Children are expected to have been baptized and completed 1st grade religious education to be eligible for the sacraments. 

Second Grade Sacramental Formation
Hello families,
We are so excited to begin this year of Sacramental Preparation with your children.
Please read all of the information contained in this communication and let us know if you have any questions.
We are lifting your family in prayer and look forward to seeing you, soon!
In Christ,
The Second Grade Sacramental Preparation Team
Letter to Parents of Second Graders
Within this letter is a link to register for the upcoming gatherings. If you are unable to click it via the letter, it is also found under the calendar below. Please register for the September slot as soon as you are able, but you DO NOT need to register your child for all of the gatherings at this time. I just wanted to make the upcoming months available to you in case that help with planning your family calendar. You will have the opportunity to sign up for future dates each month.

Second Grade Preparation Gatherings
Below is the link to the calendar of this years gatherings. Please know that we are sending you this calendar based on the information we know, today. In the future, if there are changes in our community related to COVID 19, these scheduled meetings may change. Thank you for your patience and understanding as plan and provide First Reconciliation and First Communion formation to your children during this time of pandemic.

Second Grade First Communion Session: Jesus and Sin Demonstration

Sessions from Sacramental Prep Meetings in January 2021

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