Family PSR (Parish School of Religion)


The Family PSR (School of Religion) Program combines weekly at-home parent/child catechesis with a monthly family-centered formation gathering. Parents catechize children using the Called to Faith textbook covering one unit per month. At the end of each unit, children take an assessment test.

The monthly gatherings provide additional family-centered catechesis based on a theme that is carried throughout the year. Each gathering involves a prayer, catechesis, snack, activity and service component. A Family PSR Core team plans each gathering while other families collaboratively facilitate the gatherings using the gifts of the family. Families will be expected to help in the form of hospitality, facilitating, role-playing, creating, teaching, celebrating, praying, caring and sharing.

Family PSR Dates 2018-2019


September 16, 2018

October 14, 2018

November 4, 2018

December 2, 2018

January 6, 2019

February 3, 2019

March 3, 2019

April 7, 2019

May 5, 2019