Inter-Generational Family PSR/Faith Formation


Family PSR/Faith Formation is for all ages through 6th grade.

We meet once a month on Sundays from 9:45-12:00 in Mazanec Hall. Click here for a calendar of dates.

Family PSR allows families to gather with other families, deepening their understanding of the faith.  Together as a family, they grow in their relationship with the Lord.

Time is spent together as a family and then break out session allow for age appropriate catechesis.

Family PSR allows families to gather in prayer, explore the topic of the day, and to process the material in ways that work best for them.

Junior high and high school family members serve as helpers for those who need assistance.  These students are encouraged to also attend Youth Ministry activities which speak specifically to the needs and faith development of teens.

If you have questions about Family PSR/Faith Formation or if sounds like it would work well for your family, please contact Chrissie Cola at 440-248-1350 ext. 140 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.